Geoengineering, Chemtrails and Weather Control Protests a Success in Australia and New Zealand

Monday, January 21st, 2013

(written by Matt)

Adelaide: an activist vents his frustation at the ongoing geoengineering,
chemtrails and weather control agenda. (Source: South Australia Against Chemtrails)

On Sunday the 20th of January, 2013, the first widespread and coordinated protests against the manipulation of our environment and health, by way of geoengineering, chemtrail and weather control programmes, took place across Australia and New Zealand.

This day marked a pivotal moment in which the citizens of both countries rose together against a tide of apathy and distraction to finally stand publicly in a coordinated way against geoengineering, chemtrails and weather control.

Months of cooperation between skywatch groups in both countries saw these protests come to fruition, with last minute support seen across the board that has participants and observers now saying "This is for real, we can build on this, and this is working". Organisers worked tirelessly to make connections between people, the media, and to some celebrities and politicians, and we cannot thank those organisers enough.

The official Facebook event page received over 200 attendees and the Australia and New Zealand Geoengineering Protest Facebook page has received 1800 likes to date. In London and other parts of the UK several other groups held protests in solidarity.

An online poster from, promoting the event.

Melbourne saw the largest turnout of all, thanks largely to the ongoing work of Melbourne Against Chemtrails (MAC).

Melbourne: Peaceful protest marches to Burke Street Mall with police support.
(Source: Melbourne Against Chemtrails)

Paul from MAC noted "there was a great family atmosphere with younger children, teenagers and mature age people alike. Great to see some intergenerational transfer regarding an issue that affects us all. We presented as ordinary people, concerned families who just want answers to questions about all these constant lines in our skies."

The Melbourne protest was professionally filmed and will be appearing on Channel 31, The Melbourne Community Television Consortium. The protest was covered from the time it arrived at Treasury Gardens until it arrived at the main protest point of Bourke Street Mall.

Paul examined that about 15% of those who came past in two hours took information. "Great reach and great impact. The real positives of the day were the great connection in terms of overall understanding, and the police and community connection was good, with expectations met on both sides."

Rallies were also held in New Zealand; with Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington all noted as participants.

Around New Zealand: activists demonstrate their disgust. Radio personality Vinny Eastwood pictured (Top left). (Source: Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch)

Having already hosted protests prior to this date, New Zealand was ready for the task of joining the protest. In Auckland, radio personality Vinny Eastwood spoke of the damage that is being done, the poisoning of the people and the environment, and warned that the damage caused by such programmes is global. He also spoke about how chemtrails and geoengineering are affecting our health, and how they manipulate our food that is being grown on the land. In between his proclamations the group chanted as they continued to march. (Auckland City Anti-Chemtrail Protestors Call For Spraying To Be Stopped, Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch, Jan 20, 2013)

Adelaide also had a sizeable turnout, with civilians and police alike registering their interest in the issue.

Adelaide: takes Government to task on chemtrails. Politician Ann Bressington pictured (top right).
( Source: South Australia Against Chemtrails)

Carmen of South Australia Against Chemtrails proclaimed joyfully "the event went well and we had no signs of trolls that had threatened to cause disturbance at the event."

Member of South Australian Legislature, Independent Ann Bressington, elected 2006, spoke on the subject and about her continued involvement in chasing the Environmental Protection Agency concerning the ongoing emissions. Ann spoke of a report that will be released shortly in which the EPA attempts to try to dismiss all evidence she has brought forward. She also mentioned the depopulation agenda and other perils of Agenda 21. We cannot thank Ann enough for being one of the only politicians in Australia to stand against this poisoning of our skies. She stands up for farmers, she stands against industrial water fluoridation, and we love her for it.

In Perth, the Western Australia Against Chemtrails group met on the steps of parliament house to find that The Greens were having their State campaign launch ("Greens go for Clean and Lean in 2013" - The West Australian, January 20, 2013).

Perth: "anonymous" disrupts duplicitous Greens campaign launch.
(Source: Western Australia Against Chemtrails)

Part of the protest is thought to have made it to ABC News in the background of this launch. The activists managed to procure an interview from Scott Ludlam in which the incumbent WA Greens Senator was quizzed about geoengineering, chemtrails and weather manipulation. Ludlam denied the importance of the issue, putting the spraying of our skies and into the "too hard" basket. Ludlam again pledged allegiance to foreign power, advocating support for his party's policies of Global Government. Although what he is advocating is constitutionally illegal, and is tantamount to treason, perhaps Scott should be commended for agreeing to the interview and agreeing to receive via email a dossier of irrefutable facts concerning the issue. If the guy says he is against foreign powers in Australia and Uranium mining at Jabiluka, then he must be against the spraying of our skies, right?

Getting the info out in Brisbane (left), and meeting police opposition in Sydney (right).
(Sources: South East Queensland and Sydney Against Chemtrails.)


Sydney: Hard to miss in Circular Quay!
(Source: Sydney Against Chemtrails.)

Sydney had some great last minute turnout with a very large banner made. The group has decided to meet up again in the future and build on this protest. In Brisbane there was a fair bit of confusion on the day concerning the meet-up and permits to protest, so two groups simultaneously participated, with one at Queen St Mall and the other at the Convention Centre. Many were surprised at the last minute support received, and have now agreed to coordinate monthly meetings, including on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and to appoint better coordinators.

Another protest for Brisbane is now being organised for Parliament House with sitting dates resuming mid-February.

Small protests also took place in many other Australian communities.
As photos, video and other information comes to hand we will update this article.

London: activists protest in solidarity with Australians and New Zealanders.
(Source: London Chemtrail Protest Facebook page)

London and a few other areas of the UK also took a stand, braving the cold to mark action ahead of a protest organised for the 6th of April in Hyde Park <link>.

These protests were successful in drawing much support, with activists learning how to better deal with an uneducated public and to get over those nerves. Certainly it isn't the easiest topic to raise with people, but most seem happy to listen to those who are knowledgeable.

Citizens must understand that while there are many issues that are of concern to the public, and rightly so, that this issue we protest is one that most are totally unaware of, or dismiss before finding the facts, and the issue will never be given the attention it deserves unless we stand up and take action now.

As this is an election year here in Australia, we must make this the national mainstream issue it deserves to be and force our elected representatives to take a stand against this crime. The globalists must go.

The criminal Australian Government's 'Climate Ready Program' states that it is "open to funding geo-engineering projects that use genetic engineering or nanotechnology" and advertises grants from 50,000 to 5 million dollars for research and development. This is disgraceful they somehow think that our tax dollars will go towards these kinds of programmes that have been hidden from the public for years. The majority of Australians do not even support the farcical carbon tax, part of which is paid to the United Nations, to whom our Prime Minister pledges allegiance, let alone geoengineering or chemtrails.

The time is now. We will not go quietly. Due largely to the internet providing people with legitimate historical and scientific information they would otherwise have never have come across in their regimented and dumbed-down educational system, or from Zionist corporate media, there is now a global awakening of knowledge and understanding of the way the world works that will require control far beyond anything we have ever seen before to put down. The rabbit has bolted and people are finally waking up at the global level. We now are charged with preventing the 'Prison Planet' world that has slowly been built around us, a world we are now finding encroaching on our civil liberties like never before.

Affirmed is truth, liberty and compassion rather than ignorance, weakness and passiveness. In these circumstances of global awakening we must make our issue known and let all elements of the establishment know that we will never forget this grave crime and that it must end now.

The two-party political establishment, the mainstream media and weather establishment must take notice now. We are taking up the task of educating the public and exposing the establishment for the lying duplicitous globalist traitors they are.

We are saying 100%, unequivocally, and without compromise that, as such activities exist, they must cease to exist and that any pursuit of associated agendas such as depopulation, transhumanism and control of the food supply will be fiercely opposed and never forgotten.

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